TNR Program

Friends Of Augusta Animals has established a Trap-Neuter-Release Program in North Augusta. This method is to help control the overpopulation of colony cats in a humane way by using a live-trap. The feral cats are trapped in the trap, transported to an actively partnered vet who will then fixed them, vaccinate them, an identification mark on the ear which is usually a clip or a tip to the ear is made. This is to alert the public that they are not a threat to the reproducing system. They are then released back into the area they were trapped to keep colony at bay.

Foster Program

While Friends Of North Augusta Animals does not have an official building for we are a rescue network group primarily focuses on the homeless animals that get impounded. Friends of North Augusta Animals have rescue partners that always need Volunteers to help step up and assist in temporarily fostering a fur baby from the North Augusta Holding facility to give them a chance to get rescued or adopted. Our rescue partners get full quickly as they themselves do not have a building but are all home base volunteers.

Events & Projects

Friends of North Augusta Animals are always in need of volunteer to help out at event's. We are always looking for new project and people to help execute these task. If you have a few hours to carve out of your day FONAA will graciously accept your help.

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