About Us

Our Mission

Friends of North Augusta Animals mission is to collaborate with local governments, citizens and rescue groups to act as an advocate on behalf of North Augusta impounded and homeless animals. We aim to provide resources and supporting services in order to facilitate their adoption. We seek to engage the hearts, hands and minds of our community to bring about an end to the disposal of abandoned local animals.

Our Vision

The vision of Friends of North Augusta Animals is to assist impounded North Augusta animals with finding adoption through advocacy services. We endeavor to assist with community outreach and education resulting in the adoption of local impounded animals. We also labor to provide the medical treatments limiting adoptability. 

We are a volunteer, certified 501(c)(3), who strive to work with area rescue organizations and governments to develop a network of supporters. We do not have a physical shelter, instead we operate through developing collaborations with local rescue organizations and interested volunteers.

We aspire to publicize the plight of North Augusta impounded animals and organize opportunities to provide exposure to potential adopters. We also hope to provide assistance to individuals and animal rescue groups fostering animals in need of permanent homes and ultimately place North Augusta impounded animals in the forever homes they deserve.

Our Leadership


Tyler Galles



Cynthia Gordon



Holly Atkinson

Administrative & Fundraising Lead


Ernie Bloom



Sharon Smith

TNR Leader


Stephanie Ford

PASS Program Lead


Leslie Dickerson

Strategic Lead

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